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SWFF is in its fourth year and we are happy to continue to showcase some amazing genre films (i.e. animation, fantasy, horror, experimental, and science fiction) from some amazing film-makers from all over the world. Although we have an extensive program and support of local Georgia film-makers and films we strive to have a wide variety of films from film-makers from all over the world and different styles in order to better represent the indie film industry.

For four years we’ve striven to create programs that promote our film-makers from our GA Spotlight program to our Retrospective Program and to our Student Programs, to name a few. We’ve also provided a wide variety of Panel Discussions each year and continue to find and create new opportunities for our visiting film-makers to promote themselves and their films such as our Q&A series “An Interview With…” which will return this year! We want to provide film-makers and audiences with an experience when they come to our event and not just a place to watch good films.

Georgia is a great place for indie film-makers and we here at SWFF want to continue to promote and showcase some of this amazing talent!

Submissions for the 2019 event ends on June 7th but even if you’re unable to submit your film this year you have plenty of time to get your film ready for the 2020 season! We accept submissions through Film Freeway (https://filmfreeway.com/somethingwickedfilmfestival) and that is also our primary location for purchasing tickets (coming soon!).

Our event is always the first week in August so this year it will be August 2-4! On August 2nd will be held an invited only film-maker “meet & greet” event before the “Opening Night” film that night which is still to be announced but is always a film from Georgia film-makers. Saturday and Sunday follow with a full weekend of film screenings and panel discussions throughout the day! This year we will also be presenting our All-Female Live riffing show “That’s What She RIFFED” on Saturday night (with a film to be announced). If you haven’t already caught our monthly show this will be an excellent opportunity to get to know our She-Riffs and enjoy a live comedy presentation where anything can happen. We are also hoping to have another Midnight Movie on August 3rd!

More film screenings and panel discussions will follow on Sunday and the evening will end with the all important Awards Ceremony which is open to the public and anyone can come. Here we celebrate the achievements of all the film-makers who submitted their films and worked hard to produce some amazing stories for our audience.

We hope that all film-makers during the weekend are able to network with other film-makers and are able to interact and meet audience members and get feedback on their films. We hope you decide to submit your film(s) and if not we hope you decide to come out in support of these indie films and their film-makers!

We want you to be able to follow us on whatever platform on social media that you use. Feel free to use our most popular hashtags: #somethingwickedfilmfestival #somethingwickedff in order to help us promote our event (and your own films if you are a film-maker whose film is screening). Also, please continue to send us updates on your films as we will post any of these that we receive as we always like to hear what happens to your films after we’ve screened them and what you are working on next!

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