Digital Team: Theo Rubin

  • Digital Team: Theo Rubin

Name: Ted Rubin
Area:  Screening & Submissions Committee, Marketing Committee
BIO:Ted began his film career as a young adult. While in college he worked at Valentino Sound and Design as a Sound Designer for film. He also served as an assistant to Ralph Bakshi, in the Animation department for the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Not limited to film, Rubin has also released two albums on his record label Supertoad Records which he still runs today. Earning both a B.A. in Liberal Science, focusing on Music and Information Technology, and an Associate degree in Communications, Ted is utilizing his skills in project management and development. As a self taught IT Engineer/Project Manager he has spent the last fourteen years honing his skills in project management. He has made an asset of himself as a Producer on many local productions. Having worked in almost every facet of film-production, Rubin has the charisma to Lead/Direct almost any crew member. This gives him the edge to effectively collaborate with crew members on their production and personal needs. Combined with his ability to create efficient and professional sets, standin for nothing but hard work and professionalism, He has created a rolling trend in the Atlanta circuit hoping to bring Hollywood standards with a southern hospitality