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Lilian Brooks is a Mexican who grew up surrounded by a loving mom and dad. She moved from city to city countless times until she settled in Atlanta GA in 2006. Her talent and will of becoming an actress started since she was very little. Lilian and her sisters would organize small plays to celebrate Mother’s day, Christmas, Birthdays and any other special occasion. Her father was a musician in Mexico City and her mom was part of a church Chorus which explains her love of Latin dancing and singing. Growing up she would watch films and T.V. shows, her role model has always been Sandra Bullock. At age 10 she dreamed of being in movies. When she turned 14 Lilian and her mother decided to follow

the American dream and left part of her family back in Mexico, learned a new language, and adapted to a new culture living a different life style. She attended Etowah High School for 4 years, and learned English with the help of her friends and teachers. She tried to be involved on things that benefit her learning process. Lilian also was part of the AFJROTC program during her Junior and Senior year of High School. For her, discipline has always been important and she felt that the program was necessary to keep her out of trouble. After graduating Lilian worked on different things to be able to provide income for herself.

In 2012 she met her now husband Brent Brooks, he has been part of Lilian’s dream coming true, thanks to him she started her professional acting career in 2012. Lilian has had leading roles in projects such as “She Bitch”, “Not Human”, “Captured”,  “Project Copper Lake”, and “Despierta”; as well as supporting parts in projects such as “Atheist Dinner Party”, “The Shadow Snatcher”, and more. In August 2015 Lilian Brooks won the “Best Actress Award” at the TPN Film Festival, for her performance in the short film Captured .Lilian also has written several short Films such as “Broken Necklace”, “Dreams of a Daughter”, “Portal to Plutoria”, “Crazy Cliff”, and many more. Lilian is currently in the works of her own Web-series that will be shot in Atlanta this fall called “Brandywine Circle”. In addition to her acting Lilian has written and produced several short scenes such as scripts. For Lilian Brooks there’s no barriers that will stop her from making her dreams come true.

Currently Lilian works assisting her husband Brent Brooks with their Acting Studio in Woodstock, GA. “Blank Stage Acting Studios” training actors for TV & Film.