Festival Directors and Staff

Howard Carter Headshot

Name: Howard Carter, Co-Founder/Festival Director
Area: Finance Committee, Special Events Committee
Bio: Mr. Carter has been in the entertainment industry for more than twenty years. He started in acting at the Milwaukee High School of the Arts But soon turned to the technical side of theater. Once he was college bound Mr. Carter majored in theater with a minor in music at Florida A&M University.
Mr. Carter was first introduced to film on a large scale through Rob Hardy with Rain Forest Films. Hardy was shooting his feature Chocolate City on the campus of Florida A&M University.  Hardy asked Mr. Carter to sound mix for his film. Next, Mr. Carter acted in America’s Most Wanted and a documentary on prison mishaps.
Mr. Carter continued working in the entertainment field at Florida State University’s Ruby Diamond Auditorium where he was Master Electrician for 6 years and then Sound Engineer for 6 years.
Mr. Carter also worked at Six Flags over Georgia in Technical Services.  Their department was not only responsible for services in the park but they also created the videos that were sent to D.C. Comics auditions for the characters in the park.
Mr. Carter started PDG, LLC in 2013.  His company provides production for various types of events from planning to execution.  PDG Entertainment also promotes its own shows and has now partnered with Broken Lighthouse Pictures and Create Studios to be able to offer more to its clients.

Kevin Powers Headshot
Name: Kevin L. Powers, Co-Founder/Festival Director/Program Director
Area: Finance Committee, Screening & Submissions Committee, Education &
utreach Committee
Email kpowers@somethingwickedfilmfestival.com

Website www.kevinlpowers.yolasite.com

BIO: Mr. Powers is the former Program Director for the Gwinnett Cente
International Film Festival who is also a writer/producer/director of feature and short films. He’s been working in the independent film industry for over fifteen years and has worked on various shorts, features, web series and documentary. His goal for the SWFF is to not only help promote indie films and film-makers but to provide a networking opportunity for film-makers from all over the world in order to continue supporting indie films. In addition to the SWFF, Mr. Powers is also working on a new feature film to be filmed in Georgia with local cast & crew.


Name: Travis Joseph
Area Special Events Committee
Email traviscreates@gmail.com
BIO: Travis Joseph is a filmmaker, photographer and theatre technician from Atlanta, Georgia. With an Associate’s degree in theatre and Bachelors in film, he is excited to contribute the skills acquired during his education and professional ventures to any project. Being immersed in the entertainment world keeps his interest peaked and his knowledge constantly growing.


Name: Ted Rubin
Area:  Screening & Submissions Committee, Marketing Committee
Email ted@theorubin.com
BIO:Ted began his film career as a young adult. While in college he worked at Valentino Sound and Design as a Sound Designer for film. He also served as an assistant to Ralph Bakshi, in the Animation department for the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Not limited to film, Rubin has also released two albums on his record label Supertoad Records which he still runs today. Earning both a B.A. in Liberal Science, focusing on Music and Information Technology, and an Associate degree in Communications, Ted is utilizing his skills in project management and development. As a self taught IT Engineer/Project Manager he has spent the last fourteen years honing his skills in project management. He has made an asset of himself as a Producer on many local productions. Having worked in almost every facet of film-production, Rubin has the charisma to Lead/Direct almost any crew member. This gives him the edge to effectively collaborate with crew members on their production and personal needs. Combined with his ability to create efficient and professional sets, standin for nothing but hard work and professionalism, He has created a rolling trend in the Atlanta circuit hoping to bring Hollywood standards with a southern hospitality



Name:Ondie Daniels
Area: Red Carpet Opening Night Host

Ondie Daniel 2
Ondie Daniel is a professional actress, print & promo model, director, film and video producer, assistant director, filmmaker, casting director, choreographer and makeup artist specializing in special FX makeup. She is the owner of A Heart&Soul Production Co. She co-owns 9Cop Productions, Promotion and Special Effects team along with co-partnership with five other film production companies. She has been in acting and dancing for over 20 years with a degree in theater, dance and film.

Daniel’s acting projects have included playing the role of Krystal in the Fighting Angels feature film Exodus. She is Rebecca Hannity in the series Money, Power, and Respect on Comcast. She plays the part of Carrianne in Ace the Zombie.

Her special effects makeup team 9Cop Promotions has worked on Redemption 316, Ace the Zombie, Hell House, The Man In the Lake, Netherworld promotions appearances, Focal Point, and The Avengers Assemble web series, to name a few.

She has produced several projects including the short film Little Bully, The Amazing Action Girls web series, and several others.

She is one of the senior makeup artist and lead lot actors at Netherworld Haunted House, helps managing the outside promotion teams, and is the “Spokesmonster” for the Netherworld Network (13 years).

She also stays busy doing promotional modeling and brand ambassador work for over 19 years working on such promotions such as one of the John Frieda models/shows, Turner, Cartoon network, The Country Music Awards, Borghese cosmetics line model, The Walmart Wellness Team, The Olympic Committee, AT&T and several Disney promotions, the manager of the Easter Bunny set at the Mall of GA, to name a few.

Ondie teaches ongoing classes for acting, modeling, fx makeup, dance and filmmaking for adults & kids from 5-18 yrs old. This will be her 10th year teaching Drama camp. She works with several companies including Fifth Row Center Lawrenceville Community Theater, By the Lake Productions, The Boys and Girls Club, and the YWCA through her private workshops and tutoring.

She has several merits to her full resume including being on the Emmy’s voting team, spoke at the Atlanta Film Festival (2013), a panelist for 4 years at The Summer Sci Fi Convention as a filmmaker and special effects artist. Ondie has been the Red Carpet hostess for the Gwinnett Center International Film Festival for 3 years.