2017 Festival Sponsors and Partnerships


As a Sponsor of the SWFF, we hope to help promote the contributions of the individuals and organizations that have helped make our event happen. Through monetary contributions and trade or Sponsors help present an event that helps not only promote film-makers and their films but to help booster the local economy as well.  Our Sponsors also help make it possible to allow young film-makers and students the opportunity to learn more about the film industry in an atmosphere where they can network, view independent films and take workshops and be a part of panel discussions with professional film-makers.

Partners of the SWFF get the opportunity to not only spread the word about their services with our patrons but also help us promote and market our event as well.  It’s an amazing opportunity for both businesses to help promote each other with very little monetary investment.

To learn about becoming a Sponsor or Partner for our event please contact Kevin L. Powers at kpowers@somethingwickedfilmfestival.com

For more information we have included a PDF of different opportunities.



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