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About Samuel Aaron Simmons: Samuel Aaron Simmons is an actor and writer, known for Perfect (2015), The Sinner(2011) and The Dead Shift (2011). He has been married to Stephanie Wynne Simmons since June 7, 2013.

You can find more about Samuel Aaron Simmons on  IMDB or ASI.


About Stephanie Rodriguez: Stephanie is our resident sarcastic film enthusiast. She loves The Walking Dead currently, tomorrow may be a different story.


About Carole Rice: Carole’s attention to detail got her teased by her family for years, They would watch movies and she would pick apart the most irrelevant detail.  When she read books she would get feed up when she noticied the story was off or  the lack of consistency  This attention garnered her a reputation and she was brought on as a script editor soon after she was brought on to her first role as Script Supervisor and wowed the entire team. Carole has found her love and has never looked back .


About John Prescott: Originally from South West Georgia, John Prescott moved to Atlanta in 2005. After getting settled into the big city life, John focused on school. This lead him to attend Art Institute of Atlanta for Digital Film and Video production where he discovered his passion for screenwriting.

With in his first year at the Art Institute, John managed to hammer out his first feature film “Pound”, a witty, modern day, crime film adapted from Shakespeare’s “The merchant of Venice”. More screenplays were to follow over the next few years.

In 2010, John won at Campus Movie Fest, Best Picture for his short film “Oversight”, then in 2011 won Most Popular for the short “Roman” in which John worked with Travis Young from ABC’s “Resurrection” and Daniel May from “The Walking Dead.” Since then, John has written more than 15 feature screenplays.

His tenacity and constant drive have brought his ever growing talents to Supremacy Films. Currently, John has written 3 features for Supremacy Films. One in particular “Bike Life”, is a mix of The Fast and the Furious and Sons of Anarchy, set in an urban, Atlanta setting.

You can learn more about John Prescott here.



About Jim Adams: Jim Adams has been a professional actor for more than 30 years. As a fixture in the metro-Atlanta theatre scene during the 80’s & 90’s, he served on the board of Directors for the Georgia Theatre Conference and also was Senior Artistic Director for the Canton Professional Theatre. He was a radio personality in the metro-Atlanta area, hosting a morning wake-up show for 20 years before trying his hand at newspaper reporting. As a political, crime and features reporter for the Cherokee Ledger-News in Woodstock, Ga., Jim received several awards.
In 2014, Jim co-hosted “Nerdvana Interviews,” a podcast on Project iRadio with Project iRadio founder Jess Roberts. He also sat in on the network’s comic book- related show, “Biff, Zap, Pow.” He currently is the Producer and Co-Host of “Monster Attack,” -a podcast dedicated to the old Monster Movies we all grew up with – for Project iRadio and also serves as the PR liaison for  the Project iRadio website.
Monster Movies have a passion for Jim since the age of 6 when his father introduced him to “The Giant Behemoth,” which was being broadcast on “Monster Movie Matinee” on WSYR in Syracuse, N.Y. Over the years he built up a collection of monster and horror films that numbered more than 1,500.
Unfortunately, in 2011, many of them were lost when Jim’s home was destroyed by an EF-4 tornado that swept through four states on the night of April 27th.
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About Albion Walker: Albion Walker is a screenwriter and independent filmmaker located in Atlanta, GA. He has been writing since an early age and transitioned into the film industry in 2010.

With The Anatomy of Love, Albion was introduced to the casting and principal photography aspects of filmmaking and was hooked. He followed the completion of this feature by immediately producing and directing the stage play In These Walls.

Since then Albion stayed busy serving as Casting Director and Assistant Director on the SAG certified short film Blossoms for Clara starring Jasmine Guy and as Assistant Director in the horror film The Eugenicist. Albion has also produced and directed two web series and multiple short films.

Albion writes under the pseudonym Azure Steel Waters. He has penned stage plays, web series, and short and feature films.

Albion has worked closely with actors to bring out brilliant performances and has a great eye for talent as well as the ability to bring stories to life on both stage and screen.

Albion Walker IMBD.