My name is Kevin L. Powers and I’m the Festival Director for SWFF. My staff and I have been bringing independent shorts and features to audiences for over four years and we are ecstatic to be presenting a new crop of genre films for 2019. Part of our mandate is to highlight the films and film-makers that sometimes go overlooked by other film festivals by focusing on animation, fantasy, horror, experimental, and science fiction films.
Every year we try to present a weekend of great film screenings, panel discussions, networking, and a special opening night party for our visiting film-makers. We look for some of the most interesting films and film-makers to present their work. We also highlight Georgia film-makers especially through our special GA Spotlight Program of which in the past we’ve highlighted the work and career of such personalities as Heather Place & Patricia Roberts, Lilian Brooks, “Barefoot” Bill Pacer, Lynn McArthur, and more!

We want to present an event that will not only showcase some of the great talent that Georgia has to offer but also the talent of indie film-makers everywhere as we showcase a wide variety of films from all over the world.
In addition to our regular film screenings we will also be presenting a special presentation of our all-female live riffing show “That’s What She RIFFED” in addition to our special Opening Night film (TBA), and our Saturday Midnight Special Screening so there will be plenty to offer for everyone!
We hope to see you come August 2-4, 2019 ready to enjoy what film-makers have in store for you in 2019!