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A Personal Welcome from our Festival Director




My name is Kevin L. Powers and I’m one of the Festival Directors for the Something Wicked Film Festival (SWFF).   I’d like to take a few moments to give you an overview of our event in order for you (the Filmmaker) to better understand what we are trying to accomplish and why.

As a Festival Director my goal is to bring to audiences the best films in the animation, fantasy, horror and science fiction genres in terms of not only overall quality of film but also story, acting, special effects, make-up effects, animation, puppetry, and most importantly – independent spirit.  Short films and features would not be possible without this independent spirit that forces us filmmakers to continue to make films outside of the Hollywood system.  Whether you are from Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, or New Orleans; whether you are from Iran, Holland, Japan, China, Russia or South Korea; whether you spend $100,000 or $1 million to produce your film or if you only had $1 – we at the SWFF believe this independent spirit is within all of you which is why we’ve dedicated this film festival to showcasing your films.

I’ve previously held the position of Program Director for the GCI Film Festival (www.gcifilmfest.com) in Duluth, Georgia which is a more mainstream international festival that focuses more on dramatic films which kind of leaves out the types of films we focus here.  Over the last three years of my discussions and networking with Filmmakers from all backgrounds and locations, the conversation always turns towards films that are on the fringes.  Films that are a little more extreme in terms of story and execution that may not fit in anywhere other than maybe Fantasia or Slam Dance Film Festivals, so I wanted to create an event in Georgia that would have a policy of open arms for these types of films.

I’m a lover of obscure films such as Pistol Opera (2001), Six-String Samurai (1998), The Machine Girl (2008), Martyrs (2008), Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989), Heavy Metal (1981), Automata (2014), Suicide Club (2001), Full Tilt Boogie (1997), Fetishes (1996), Doomsday Book (2012), Naked Lunch (1991), El Topo (1970), WolfCop (2014), Blue Ruin (2013), You’re Next (2011),  The Darkest Hour (2011), The Troll Hunter (2010), Thale (2012), 9 (2009), The Prophet (2014), Micmacs (2009), The White Ribbon (2009),  Amer (2009), Juan of the Dead (2011), Brain Damage (1988), Dead Sushi (2012), All Cheerleaders Die (2013), Wizards (1977), Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl (2009), and The Plague Dogs (1982), to name a small few.  This is independent spirit which the SWFF wishes to channel and promote.

I’m a Filmmaker myself as is most of the staff associated with the SWFF.  We’ve all come together to craft an event for films that we would like to see and which we think others will enjoy separate from what can be seen at other mainstream theaters.  At the SWFF you will find fan films and you will find retrospectives on indie Filmmakers.  You will find web series and you will find pilot episodes for indie TV series.  You will film experimental animation shorts and unusual films with puppets.  You may even find documentaries on horror films and obscure subjects.  Here, you will find the films that you can’t find anywhere else with films from all over the world.

As a member of the SWFF team, I’m inviting you to not only submit your films to us but to mark your calendars for August 12-14 to come out and enjoy some obscure indie films, networking opportunities, workshops, panel discussions and many other special events that we have planned.

Kevin L. Powers,

Festival Director


Kevin Powers Digital Signature